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Palm Biomass is one kind of Bio-Energy or Bio-Fuel. It is known as white coal, is another ideal fuel which substitutes coal, firewood, lignite and other conventional fuel.




· Industrial use - boilers, brick kilns, furnace and foundries.

· Power Plant - biomass or conventional.

· Residential and Commercial Heating



Advantage of Palm Briquette and Palm Pellet

· Less smoke and less CO2

· Low moisture content

· Low dust and impurities content

· Environment friendly products

· Ease of transportation and storage



Features of Palm Briquette and Palm Pellet

¨ Low cost advantage

¨ Excellent year-around availability

¨ No species variation

¨ Free of chemical addictive



Our products include as below :-


1) Palm Briquette

2) Oil Palm Pellets

3) Palm Pellets

4) Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) - raw

5) Mesocarp Fiber - raw

6) Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) - raw, shredded

7) Oil Palm Trunk (OPT) - raw, shredded

8) Oil Palm Frond (OPF) - raw crushed, dried and compacted.

2) Oil Palm Pellets


· Process from empty fruit bunch (EFB) and/or Mesocarp fiber.

· Calorific value between 4200 - 4900 Kgcal/Kg.

1) Palm Briquette


Process mix with Empty fruit bunch (EFB) and Palm Kernel Shell (PKS).

8) Oil Palm Frond (OPF) raw


Raw materials - Crushed, dried and compacted for use as fuel in wood fired boilers / co-firing in power plants and etc. Expected calorific value about 3000 Kcal/Kg.

4) Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) - raw.


During the crude palm oil process, the fruit flesh is melted through a steaming treatment. The residual nuts are further mechanically crashed to extract the seeds or Kernels. The crashed shells are virgin biomass called Palm Kernel Shells (PKS). PKS can be considered like a natural pellet and a high grade solid renewable fuel for burning.



· Recycle waste as fuel

· High Calorific value

· Low ash content

· Low sulphur content

· Excellent year-round availability

· No species variation

· Low dust and impurities content


Palm Kernel Shell is an ideal green fuel which substitutes the conventional fossil fuels such as coal. It can be used in:-

· Industrial Boilers

· Furnace & Foundries

· Brick Kilns

· Residential & Commercial Heating

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6) Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) - raw and shredded.


· Shredding process cut EFB into smaller and loose structure, which improve the volume-weight ratio.  This enhance the bio-fuel characteristic.


· Moisture 35% - 65%

· it need to be further dry up at the biomass plant right before the burning process or it was dry enough during transportation.


· Calorific/kg : 18800kJ

· Due to its low chlorine content, shredded EFB fiber is a safe and sustainable bio-fuel resource  to replace petroleum and coal to produce bio-fuel briquette.


· Raw Shredded EFB can be use as solid fuel for steam boiler.

· Many companies also have started to replace their fossil fuel by using Shredded EFB for biomass boiler combustion process; those companies experience cost saving for this change.

7) Oil Palm Trunk (OPT) - raw


· Oil palm trunk can be shredded.

5) Mesocarp Fiber.


Palm Fruit length about 5cm and is in oval shape. It consists of yellowish red oily flesh mesocarp and single seed Palm Kernel Nut. At crude palm oil mill, palm fruit is cook under hot steam and pressed for oil extraction, with Mesocarp Fiber and Palm Kernel Nut as left over mass.


The Mesocarp Fiber is then separated from Palm Kernel Nut by cyclone separator. Mesocarp fiber is an elongated cellulose with 30-50mm length. Ash is produced after mesocarp burned in the boiler.

3) Palm Pellets


· Process from coconut trunk.

· Calorific value around 4300 Kgcal/Kg.

16-Point Star: NEW


Moisture contents


Calorific value

± 4300 - 4500 kcal/kg


1 ft (30cm)




± 35kg / PP Woven bag


Moisture Content


Calorific Value 

>4500 kcal/kg

Ash Content

5.4 %

Volatile Matter

75.6 %

Fixed Carbon

19.0 %